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Why GraphGrid?

Launched in 2015 by an elite team of 8 Certified Neo4j Professionals who have worked together building enterprise solutions for over 6 years with Neo4j at the core for nearly 4 years, GraphGrid has amassed more enterprise Neo4j experience under one roof than any other organization in the world. Simply put we are the best choice to support you in your Neo4j journey.


Enterprise Ready

GraphGrid deploys Neo4j with the enterprise in mind. The GraphGrid Data Platform is tested, validated and refined through demanding real-world workloads. GDP is backed by unmatched enterprise services and support from certified Neo4j professionals responsible for some of the world’s largest Neo4j clusters and deployments.



Get up and running with Neo4j in as little as one hour.

GraphStart combines the expert support, training, and services you need to get up and running with Neo4j quickly and successfully.

Based on experience drawn from customers worldwide, GraphStart provides all the elements needed to get started successfully with Neo4j.