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On-Premise Graph + AI Cluster

Scale your graph and artificial intelligence capabilities while maintaining singular control over
performance, physical and logical access, data security, and more.

With support for all of the major cloud hosting providers, GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform allows you to scale your smart solution, data science, and analytics infrastructure securely and cost-effectively, without having to commit to one cloud vendor for storage, compute, and machine learning.

On-Premise Graph + AI Cluster Benefits

Scalable Performance

GraphGrid features a fully autonomous GPU-enabled AI model training pipeline that can scale to leverage the maximum desired physical resources available. Build and tune enterprise graph-enhanced AI models with ease. Large datasets? Wide datasets? No problem. Model training speed and scalability are limited only by the compute resources available to GraphGrid.

Off-Internet Deployment

If your data is subject to strict regulatory compliance (such as HIPAA) or has a classification that requires specific security controls, GraphGrid can be installed in an off-network configuration. All AI, ML, NLP, and DL model training, testing, scoring, and deployment can be done in an environment fully air-gapped from the internet.

Scalable Computing Resources

Minimize your on-premise capital and maintenance costs and maximize business value by installing GraphGrid in the cloud. You’ll only pay for the compute resources you use while reducing on-premise complexity with a focus on data storage.

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