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Graph-Enhanced Natural Language Processing

Empower developers to confidently use NLP in their solutions.
Revitalize your team with less to read and more to analyze.
Knowledge-aware NLP that reliably augments your analysts.

Graph-Enhanced Natural Language Processing Benefits

Deeper Understanding

Gain a competitive edge with NLP models that understand and collaborate with you. A knowledge graph-enriched dataset provides structure, distance, and context that helps NLP models know what is important. Transforming text into knowledge gives both your humans and machines a more complete picture from which to make decisions.

Developer Friendly

Empower all your developers to incorporate NLP into their solutions. Standard JSON APIs and language-specific SDKs make NLP approachable with the skills your non-NLP developers already have. Your developers focus on their solutions while GraphGrid handles the complexity of integrating your knowledge graph and unstructured text.

Text Data Unlocked

Unlock immense value from the troves of text data sitting in your data lake by integrating it into your knowledge graph. Your graph-enhanced NLP models gain more complete awareness of the types of data points that matter and the way they are related to each other. Text data enhanced with graph characteristics reveal attributes that can be used to train powerful NLP models.


Human analysts no longer waste half their time reading documents and searching for something relevant to their analysis. Machines do the work to integrate critical information from text into the shared knowledge graph. New insights are discovered, NLP models improve, and better decisions are made that move the organization past its competition.

Graph-Enhanced Natural Language Processing Role in GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform

Simple APIs and SDKs accelerate the unification of unstructured text data with your existing knowledge graph and enhance your NLP models

  • Easy

    Developers use a common data format and only six lines of code to train all their NLP models which transform text to graph so developers can easily use this information in their solutions.

  • Aware

    Context from the graph makes your NLP aware of what matters and able to reliably build knowledge alongside your human analysts.

  • Augmenting

    Your NLP becomes a valuable member of the team that offloads tedious and time-consuming tasks by using the graph as the shared point to collaborate.

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