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ONgDB Production Support

Commercial Support with Non-restrictive Open Source License

GraphGrid provides commercial support of The Graph Foundation’s ONgDB releases under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE without modifications (“AGPLv3”).

Support Subscriptions

GraphGrid offers annual Subscriptions that provide support services and warranty of ONgDB production deployments. GraphGrid Subscriptions for ONgDB give your business the support and warranty it needs without compromising freedoms with restrictive licensing.

Support Plans

Subscription pricing is determined per production deployment of a product or use case (see Scope of Coverage) on an annual basis in U.S. Dollars for Standard, Advanced and Premium plans according to the following schedule:






Technical Support

Business hours** access

via email and web

for all Severity Levels

Extended business hours*** access

via phone, email and web

for Severity 1 issues

24×7 access

via phone, email and web

for Severity 1 issues

Case Severity/

Response Times*

Severity 2:

< 4 bus. hours

Severity 1:

< 1 bus. hour

Severity 2:

< 4 ext. bus. hours

Severity 1:

< 1 ext. bus. hour

Severity 2:

< 4 hours

Severity 1:

< 1 hour

Maximum Instances




Annual Pricing




*We will make every reasonable effort to respond to your initial request within the corresponding timeframes.
**Business hours means 8am-6pm Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays, in the U.S. Eastern (EST) time zone
***Extended business hours means 6am-10pm Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays, in the U.S. Eastern (EST) time zone

Support Terms

Visit the ONgDB Software Support Terms to learn how our support works and what is covered.

Support Center

Customers with a GraphGrid Subscription are given access to the GraphGrid Support Center for raising support issues.

Scope of Coverage

The scope of support coverage per subscription is limited to a single production deployment defined as follows:

  1. A single ONgDB production cluster of any number instances used for multiple customer or business facing applications.
  2. Multiple ONgDB production clusters deployed to handle sharding for a single customer or business facing application.
  3. A single consumer or business application deployed many times requiring many separate ONgDB production clusters.

Open Source Guarantee

GraphGrid is committed to The Graph Foundation’s mission to advance Neo4j Enterprise as a fully open source technology. As the largest contributor to the ONgDB project, GraphGrid’s goal is to advance ONgDB while providing stability and support to commercial users. All fixes that occur during support will always be contributed back into the open source ONgDB git repository under non-restrictive open source licensing.