Build a Modern Graph Data Architecture

New Data Architecture, New Opportunities with neo4j

Neo4j Graph Database

Data Architecture Optimization

Get Results Faster
When Neo4j is used valuable insights can be discovered, understood and made actionable in hours instead of weeks with real-time recommendations able to be performed much more efficiently across your graph data than any other NoSQL store.

New Value
Unlike schema-on-write, which transforms data into specified schema upon load, Neo4j empowers you to store data in any format, and then create schema at that moment when you choose to analyze your graph data. This unprecedented flexibility opens up new possibilities for iterative analytics and delivers new business value.

Any Workload
With GraphCompute supporting multiple access methods (such as batch, interactive and real-time) on a common data set, GraphGrid enables you to transform and view Neo4j graph data in multiple ways simultaneously, dramatically reducing time to insight.