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Neo4j Cloud AWS

Ops Dashboard for Neo4j in the Cloud

Are you considering a transition from on-premise to the cloud a hybrid approach or fully bought into cloud? As cloud adoption continues to accelerate across all industries and organizations, finding cloud platforms that can provide your business with a competitive advantage right out of the gate while removing the lead time of building internally becomes key. Thus to simplify this process for Neo4j, GraphGrid has create our Ops Platform for Neo4j in the AWS Cloud offering to free up your time that you would otherwise spend on deploying and operating servers by leaving responsibility on our shoulders so you can focus on your business service and product development. All you bring is your existing Neo4j license (BYOL). Try Our Ops Console for Neo4j in AWS

What is GraphGrid’s Ops Dashboard for Neo4j in AWS Cloud?
GraphGrid’s Ops Dashboard and platform for Neo4j in AWS Cloud offers you an easy way to run Neo4j distributions (BYOL) on Amazon Web Services. We have combined Neo4j + AWS to provide large computing capacity that works more quickly and seamlessly by singularly connecting the native graph databases with Wide Area Network (WAN) deployments across 15 geographical AWS Regions around the world.

Amazon Web Services is located in 12 regions: US East (Northern Virginia), majority of AWS servers are based here, US West (northern California), US West (Oregon), Brazil (São Paulo), Europe (Ireland and Germany), Southeast Asia (Singapore), East Asia (Tokyo and Beijing), Asia Pacific (Seoul) and Australia (Sydney). Moreover, each region has multiple “Availability Zones” which are actually distinct data centers offered by AWS services.

For an optimal global experience, we have used Geo load-balancing techniques with AWS Elastic Load Balancers because it will automatically distribute incoming application traffic across different Amazon EC2 instances in the cloud. This step of our certified Neo4j professional’s guarantees that the requests are served from the best AWS regions to achieve low latency levels as well as seamlessly providing fault tolerance with the precise amount of load balancing capacity to support the automatic failover scenarios.

Why we have integrated with AWS
Some key benefits of integrating with AWS to start:
AWS has constructed world-class infrastructure both physically and over the internet to remain resilient in the failure mode, natural disasters or even system failures. Moreover, they are utilizing an end-to-end approach which assures your data is completely secured.

Leverage the power of the AWS global infrastructure and forget about the guess-work in identifying your infrastructure needs. The AWS cloud capacity is available with granular flexibility to take advantage of on demand, spot and reserved instances for steady state and burst scenarios.

Global Leader:
Amazon holds a great presence across the globe with 12 regions, 37 availability zones and more than 50 edge locations. Moreover, AWS has implemented the latest technologies by which you can easily access to compute and storage resources as per your requirement.

Leveraging Advanced AWS Cloud Capabilities for GraphGrid Data Platform (GGDP)
Our GraphGrid Data Platform (GGDP) leverages best practices of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for security, data management, data access and data integration. Our GGDP is architected for the enterprise thus, it offers deployments across all the Regions and Availability Zones of AWS.

However, all instances are deployed in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), each being classified in a Neo4j Cluster which is launched with a Security Group allowing access within Cluster owned Subnets. Additionally, if you want to extend your current security solutions to a higher grade, GraphGrid also provides security options on your request such as encryption and decryption to secure your data.

Neo4j Cloud AWS GovCloud

Neo4j in AWS GovCloud

If you must adhere to strict federal compliance controls we’ve still go you covered. GraphGrid supports deployments of Neo4j (BYOL) into AWS GovCloud which operates within the major federal compliance standards.

Try Neo4j Enterprise (BYOL) in AWS GovCloud