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Define and Manage a Knowledge Graph Model

Design, create and maintain a knowledge graph model that is specific to the business need.

You Have Control

Scale easily as data needs change. Ensure data consistency across your organization. Track how your data changes over time.

  • Define

    Define a custom graph model that meets your existing and future data requirements.

  • Manage

    Manage your individualized library of node types, edge types, properties, and constraints.

  • Maintain

    Maintain uniform naming for entities and properties within the graph.


Showmes / SHOW-mees /


Create and control customized dynamic APIs that use Geequel® to return targeted result sets of graph-based data. As new data is introduced, the Showme will incorporate that into the results produced in real-time.

Showmes can be sequenced into chains to reveal complex data insights only attainable by diving deeper into the connected graph data. Read more in our blog.

Accelerate Your Connected Data Journey