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Connected Data Platform Connects All of Your Data with Context

  • Utilize All of Your Data
  • Discover New Insights
  • Augment with AI

With traditional analytics 90% of your data isn’t being analyzed.

  • Do you have too many isolated data silos or irretrievable data?
  • Are your insights incomplete because they lack context?
  • Do you need your data easily accessible to both humans and AI?
  • Are you mainly relying on structured data for your analysis?

Utilize 100% of Your Data

  • Get More Value from Your Data

    GraphGrid customers added millions in revenue by connecting data across isolated data silos and unstructured formats.

  • Discover New Insights

    GraphGrid customers recovered millions in fraud by identifying new insights.

  • Augment with AI

    GraphGrid customers enhance their analytics by making data easily accessible in context to both humans and AI.

"GraphGrid enabled me to accomplish in 2 hours what would have previously taken me 6 months."

FRAUD INVESTIGATOR, US Department of Treasury

"With data in tables we only used a fraction of our data, but GraphGrid put all our data in context giving us new insights."

LIEUTENANT COLONEL, United States Air Force

"Building on GraphGrid saved years of engineering effort by giving us connected data services to build with."

Program Manager, Department of Defense

Get Started with GraphGrid

Get a Tailored Demo of GraphGrid

During a demo tailored to your industry, we’ll demonstrate the power of data in context. By the end, you’ll understand how GraphGrid integrates with your existing systems and the new insights it can unlock.

See the Power of GraphGrid with Your Own Data

You provide either real or sanitized data, and we demonstrate proof of value for using GraphGrid in your organization. In under four weeks, and with minimal investment, you will see the real insights drawn from your data.

Full Deployment of GraphGrid

The GraphGrid team assists you with connecting to your data sources and deployment. GraphGrid can be implemented on our cloud or your own infrastructure. Once deployed, our team is available for support as needed.

Give Your Data Context

We understand how frustrating it is when your organization is trying to solve challenging problems, yet you can only utilize a fraction of your data. We’ve experienced the limited visibility that comes with using data in tables while organizations with connected data can see clearly. With GraphGrid, your organization gains new knowledge and insights that are easily accessible to both humans and AI in real-time.

Illustration for Big Data/Connected Data

From Big Data to Connected Data

Knowledge graphs increase your data’s value. Let GraphGrid walk you through the basics. We’ll cover what a knowledge graph is, how you can use your data in a knowledge graph, how to get more value from your data.

Download the Whitepaper

Accelerate Your Connected Data Journey